Aug. 1, 2021

Spivey Loves You - SEASON 2 - Preview

Spivey Loves You - SEASON 2 - Preview

Howdy!   After three months off, I'm ready to do this again... I think.

If you haven't listened before - WELCOME!  If you have - Hey, Welcome Back!

In this preview of Season 2, I look back and recap Season 1 - and talk about a few format changes I'm looking to do this season.  Fun stuff!

One of them will be 'Ask Me Anything' episodes -where you ask me anything and I may answer everything.  Or may not, if you're getting a little weird or whatever.  But hey, you never know what I'm going to answer!  You can go to my various social media pages on FB, Twitter, and Instagram and fire some questions my way.  Or send me some questions via email to  I'll take questions on politics, religion, all the stuff people with manners aren't supposed to talk about at parties - sports, music opinions, even personal stuff.  Everything is on the table... 

I already have a few interviews in the can - and some more in the wings...   So, check this out, and subscribe, like, give me good reviews, tell your friends and neighbors and just love me back.  That's all I ask.